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I am a General Partner and the Head of Europe for a Health Tech VC fund.

I am a former wealth manager and a former founder turned coach. I also work as an executive mentor for several accelerators in the world. These include M7 Accelerator, Kickstart innovation, Design Terminal, and Health Innovation Lab.

With such a non-standard career path, not only has my journey been incredibly fun, but it also means I've experienced many different angles of the business world.

As a consultant, I found that what my clients needed wasn't just operational guidance, but the ability to grow as leaders. I wanted to support them the way I wish I had been supported running my own company. I wanted to help them in a more meaningful way - help them develop awareness and confidence, act deliberately, and bring forth the leader inside them. I soon discovered that this approach had a name: executive coaching.

I first started coaching in 2016, and my first client was a managing partner at one of the top law firms in Silicon Valley. This is where I discovered my love for executive coaching.

Whether you're running a startup without formal leadership training, trying to move into an executive position at your ideal company, or juggling all the different needs and personalities of your team in a large organization, I've been there. And I've coached dozens of other professionals in these areas, too.