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Martyn is a former top ten financial advisor, executive board member, and one of the top senior 200 blockchain executives in the Bay Area. Martyn has consulted for several companies such as G.E, UPS, and Google with the implementation of Blockchain and AI.

He is a former founder turned mentor/coach. He is a startup mentor in Budapest, San Francisco, Seoul, London, and Austria. Martyn does executive coaching in San Francisco and Budapest

Martyn is a talented, focused, determined, relentless, self-motivated, and independently minded mentor for Design Terminal and the Hungarian government. His dedicated, resilient, and loving spirit, coupled with his ample business acumen and knowledge and ability to make businesses proliferate into bigger enterprises have made the graduate of an international finance and business degree from The Open University to be a force to reckon with. 

Martyn has become a brand and known name in the blockchain industry, and he inspires and motivates many young talented people about the high potentials of the blockchain. Motivated and passionate about getting what he loves out of life, and his outstanding problem-solving skills have made him benefit from great mentors who both inspired and taught him many things on how to be successful in life. And that proven mindset he continually shares whenever he gives a speech at a seminar or conferences or when he is coaching some business executives. 

Martyn has scaled several startups from local to global businesses by following and executing his six rules to scale successfully.

Martyn has come this far through his belief, tenacity, and hard work, and believes that there is always a way out if you fail to give up, you will breakthrough, he plans to help more companies become more tech efficient and assisting new startups in expanding to the US market.